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ADIVISE FIRST Commerce Brokerage

 Founded in 2021 by international trade experts, Advise First's mission is to act as a neutral intermediary between its clients and product suppliers. Thanks to its vast international network of partner suppliers, the company is able to identify, analyze and select the best suppliers according to its clients' specific needs.

 At Advise First Commercial Brokerage, we are specialized in the brokerage of refined products as well as other products such as agricultural commodities, construction materials, new technologies, gold and precious stones. We also operate in international trading of all types of products.

 With a license number based in Dubaï, a global logistics hub, we benefit from a strategic geographic position at the crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Thanks to our world-class infrastructure and attractive economic environment, Dubaï is the ideal platform for international trade.

We negotiate the best deals
Thanks to our unique supplier network and sector expertise, we negotiate the best purchasing opportunities for you under the most advantageous conditions...
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Global Multi-Product Negotiations
With our unique international network, we negotiate the purchase and sale of all types of products for you anywhere in the world...
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Best Prices, Best Terms

Thanks to our unrivaled expertise and extensive supplier network, we secure the best purchase prices and commercial terms for you, regardless of products...
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Our Sector Mastery

At Advise First, we leverage decades of experience in international trade intermediation. Over the years, we have developed an acute mastery of many key sectors in global commerce. Our solid expertise in these strategic areas allows us to better advise and support our clients in their international transactions. Here are some illustrations of our know-how in our main businesses:

-Petroleum and refined products brokerage
-Agricultural commodities brokerage
-Precious materials brokerage
-New technologies brokerage